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Allan Sekula
Dismal Science: Photoworks 1972-1996

Dismal Science is the definitive edition of seven acclaimed photographic projects made by Allan Sekula over the last 24 years, and also includes a number of critical essays by Sekula on contemporary photography.

His hybrid works, incorporating photographic sequences, slide projections, texts, and audio recordings, question the conventions of documentary photography, while tracing strange linkages between everyday life and the global economic system.

Dismal Science is published in conjunction with an exhibition organized by the University Galleries of Illinois State University that travelled to eight venues between 1996-1998 including the Netherlands foto institute, Rotterdam, the Munich Kunstverein, and the John Curtin Gallery, Perth, Australia.

* Condition: Good (creasing to top-right corner of front cover, otherwise a clean, tight copy throughout) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

Allan Sekula - Dismal Science
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Paul Graham
Empty Heaven: Photographs from Japan 1989-1995

Rare first edition of this 1995 photo-book by British photographer Paul Graham.

Empty Heaven. Tengoku Wa Lusu.

“Any painful echoes appear to have been wrapped, made bearable, candy coating the psyche against the bitterness of memory. There’s a line of thought that one should forget about trying to get to the center of things and concentrate instead on the wrapping, on the method of concealment, and that gave me my key orientation to this work.”

In these visceral photographs Paul Graham scrutinizes the scar tissue of contemporary Japanese society. He identifies a collective amnesia still obscuring decades after the end of WW II the memory of unconditional surrender and total defeat. At the same time he scrutinizes the benevolent and polite surfaces of Japanese culture that mask the power structures underlying it.

A portrait of a young girl and an elderly statesman, an atom flash and a candy wrapper, a segment of a historic photograph and blossoming cherry trees: Paul Graham’s visual language lays bare the hidden traumas underneath the trivial. Sometimes a pink bow can be evocative of a mushroom cloud. Graham takes pictures of the visible world to evoke the invisible play of forces structuring it. Empty Heaven shows a claustrophobic, obsessive, overdetermined society that won’t yield its secrets to foreign intruders.

* Condition: Very Good (clean, tight copy with only general bumping and wear to the original dust-jacket and cover) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

Paul Graham - Empty Heaven
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Kadath Fatal
Henning Bohl

Bohl has previously employed a wide variety of media accommodating found materials and taking the form of free-standing sculpture, sculptural reliefs, friezes, collages, prints, posters and videos. Bohl’s most recent work consists of drawings that draw references from a wide variety of popular and archetypal imagery familiar to him from his adolescence. They incorporate styles learned from, amongst other things, Aubrey Beardsely (1872 – 1898), Métal Hurlant comic books (1974 – 2004) and Blair Reynolds and other graphic artists associated with Pagan Publishing (1990 – 1993). As with his previous works, these drawings employ modest yet very specific materials.

The title of this book references a mythical peak where gods dwell ‘in the cold waste where no man treads’ described in H.P.Lovecraft’s ‘The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath’ (1926/27). Lovecraft’s novel itself drew from William Beckford’s gothic horror ‘Vathek’ (1786), Robert W. Chambers’ ‘The King in Yellow’ (1895) and the novels and short stories of Lord Dunsany (Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany, 1878 – 1957).

Henning Bohl (b.1975, Oldenburg, Germany) currently lives and works in Hamburg. He studied at the Kunsthochschule, Kassel and at the Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main where he completed his studies in 2004. There have been recent public exhibitions of his work at Kunsthalle Nürnberg and Berlinische Galerie (2013) Pro Choice, Vienna (2012); Kunstverein Hamburg (2011); Artpace, San Antonio and Cubitt, London (2010); Grazer Kunstverein and Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden (2009) and at the Oldenburger Kunstverein (2008). His work was recently presented at the Carnegie International, Pittsburgh (2013) and has also been included in group exhibitions at venues including the Kunsthalle Bonn and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (2013) Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg (2012); Portikus, Frankfurt am Main and Seattle Art Museum (2011); Kunstverein Schattendorf; Kunstverein Hannover and CCA Andratx , Mallorca (2010); White Columns, New York and Sammlung Grässlin, St. Georgen (2009). He is represented by Galerie Karin Guenther in Hamburg; Galerie Meyer Kainer in Vienna; Casey Kaplan in New York and Galerie Johann König in Berlin.

Kadath Fatal - Henning Bohl
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The Exhibitionist #9

Jens Hoffmann and Lumi Tan
Curator’s Favorites
Monika Szewczyk – Idolizing Twilight
Chen Tamir – Liminal Spaces
Hendrik Folkerts – WACK the Canon!
Back in the Day
Inés Katzenstein – Experiencias 68: A Threshold
Missing in Action
Lucy Lippard – After a Fashion: The Group Show
introduced by Chelsea Haines
Massimiliano Gioni – What I Did Last Summer
Assessments: Bergen Assembly 2013: Monday Begins Saturday
Christopher Y. Lew – Workers’ Compensation
Ase Lovgren – More Verbs, Please
Laurel Ptak – Art in the Age of the Norwegian Semi-Social-Democratic-Post-Welfare-State
Johanne Nordby Werno – Love for Labour
Rigorous Research
Germano Celant – The Territories of Exhibition
Six x Six
Ngahiraka Mason, Fionn Meade, Pable Léon de la Barra, Fillipa Ramos, Maria Inés Rodriguez, Syrago Tsiara
Rear Mirror
Daniel Baumann, Dan Byers and Tina Kukielsky – Considering the 2013 Carnegie International
Jennifer Gross – The Société Anonyme’s Dada Destiny

Edited by Jens Hoffmann, Julian Myers-Szupinska, Lumi Tan

The Exhibitionist #9
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