Abstract Paintings in Japan 1910-1945


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Incredible comprehensive monograph surveying Abstract Painting in Japan 1910-1945, published on the occasion of the first (and possibly only) major travelling exhibition on the subject. Travelling across six of Japan’s major museums in 1992, this book of paintings is what we are left with – 225 pages profusely illustrated throughout with paintings from across Japan’s avant garde, including stunning examples of leading figures and those less seen beyond this survey. Designed and compiled in great detail, this historical book provides profiles on all of the artists, a history of abstraction in painting in Japan, a breakdown and profile of all major movements and styles of the period, a chronology, detailed list of works, accompanying texts and much more, all primarily in Japanese with a preface and afterword by Masayoshi Honma also in English.

“There has been a growing interest in the prewar avant-garde an created from the Taisho period to the early Showa period in recent years. While research works on “abstract art” have been individualiy carried out by various museums and researchers, there has been no opportunity for comprehensive exhibitions and presentations of abstract paintings.  In organizing this exhibition, participating museums and the Japan Association of Art Museums established a research committee, “Abstract Paintings in Japan: 1910-1945″, and made investigations throughout the country.  This exhibition aims at providing a whole picture of Japan’s “abstract paintings” on the basis of the result of the varied studies done to the present. We hope that the exhibition puts together these studies systematically and offers a clue to future researches.  “Abstract art” is still unfamiliar to the general public. We would be very glad it this exhibition, which displays abstract works chronologically from their introduction into Japan, could help people understand how to appreciate “abstraction”, which the avant-garde art movement of the early twentieth century had achieved.  We are deeply grateful to the museums and private collectors that lent their treasured works for making this exhibition possible, as well as to many others for their corporation. We are also deeply  thankful to Kao Corporation for its support and assistance. – April 1992, Organizer”

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Abstract Paintings in Japan 1910-1945
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