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Very good copy in original illustrated boards of this handsome Adolf Wölfli catalogue published by the Fondation Adolf Wölfli, Bern, 1976.

This catalog was prepared for the major exhibition on the work of Adolf Wölfli at the Kunstmuseum Bern in 1976, organized by Elka Spoerri and a team of scholars including Harald Szeemann, Markus Ratz, Peter Bichsel, among others.
Illustrated throughout with Wölfli’s drawings, writings, diagrams, music compositions, letters, etc, plus a Chronological Presentation of his life and work juxtaposed with his imaginary biographical details (adapted by Elka Spoerri and translated by Anne-Marie Thalmann); the catalogue is meticulously designed and presented in an illustrated heavy card folder which opens out into a tryptic housing both books and centred with a photograph of Wölfli. Essays by Elka Spoerri, Peter Bichsel, Jakob Wyrsch, Alfred Bader, Harald Szeemann, Theodor Spoerri and more (in German); catalogue edited by Elka Spoerri and Jurgen Glaesemer.

“Mrs. Spoerri, who sometimes jokingly referred to herself as ”Mrs. Wölfli,” was a legend in the world of outsider art. She spent more than 20 years deciphering, transcribing, translating and indexing the often densely interwoven writing, iconography and musical scores of Wölfli, a prolific schizophrenic Swiss laborer. Consigned to Waldau, a psychiatric hospital in Bern, from the age of 30 to his death at 66 in 1930, Wölfli created thousands of drawings and 45 large illustrated books containing a total of nearly 25,000 pages. He was known in Switzerland during his lifetime but subsequently slipped into near oblivion. Mrs. Spoerri came to Wölfli’s work through her husband, Theodor, a psychiatrist at Waldau who, at the invitation of the Swiss curator Harald Szeemann, helped reintroduce Wölfli’s work to the art world at Documenta 5 in 1972. But Theodor, a cousin of the artist Daniel Spoerri, died in 1973, and Mrs. Spoerri became the chief guardian and interpreter of Wölfli’s art”. (from Spoerri’s obituary, in the Times, written by Roberta Smith).

* Condition: Very Good (light wear but overall very good, tight, clean copy) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

Adolf Wölfli (1976)
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