Afterall #27, Summer 2011

Disobedient Video in France in the 1970s: Video Production by Women’s Collectives

Propositions and Publications: On Dexter Sinister
A Flibbertigibbet, a Will-o’-the-wisp, a Clown (Or 10 Reasons Why Graphic Design Is Not the Issue)

Minerva Cuevas: Anarchy in the Hive
Minerva Cuevas and the Art of Para-sitic Intervention

ABC West: On Playgrounds and Andrea Zittel
A–Z West in Context: A Spatial Analysis

Jef Geys’s Art-Making Ethics
The Really Ignorant Schoolmaster: Jef Geys, Amongst Many Others

Sympathy Is a Bridge for Ideology: Phil Collins’s Adventures in Marxism
Mapping the Terrain, Again

Afterall #27, Summer 2011
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