Alex Selenitsch


Artist book edition published in an edition of 32 hand-numbered copies. Each edition is made up of 4 hand-sewn books in a plastic file. Each book comprises 16 pages of cut/folded coloured papers presenting a colour narrative: four pastel ‘primaries’ making colour tableaux, introduced and closed off by black and white covers.

The coloured pages are assembled from A3 sheets which have been halved: accurately in two cases (straight line orthogonal and straight line incline) or approximately (sinusoidal and horizontal tear). The cut-outs on the cover hint at the kind of division or halving that the coloured sheets have been subjected to. Both halves are used in the edition of each book, so that each edition of 32 copies with 4 folded sheets (giving 16 pages) uses 64 sheets. For the approximate cuts (sinusoidal and horizontal tear), there is some variation inside the edition.

Alex Selenitsch - four 4-colour books
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