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Beyond Books is the first publication to focus on the books and printed matter of Alighiero Boetti (1940-94), including his artist’s books, posters, exhibition invitations and work emerging from his long association with the newspaper Il Manifesto. Printed matter, text and language were critical for the artist, an important Italian conceptual artist and key member of the Arte Povera movement, who believed “if you really want something, get it down in writing.” A pioneer of the artist’s book, Boetti used the particularities of the format to penetrate beyond surface appearances–for example in his legendary 1977 book Classifying the Thousand Longest Rivers in the World, which lists the world’s longest rivers and their lengths in a deadpan attempt to order the disorderly natural world. This volume explores the development of a new concept of the book in Boetti’s oeuvre, where reading and looking become part of the same aesthetic experience.

With contributions by Giacomo Corna Pellegrini, Arianna di Genova, Roberto Giunti, Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli, Annemarie Sauzeau, Fabrizio Scrivano, and edited by Giorgio Maffei and Maura Picciauall, texts in English and Italian. 320 pages heavily illustrated with colour and some b/w illustations, plus bibliography and section on Boetti’s artist invitation cards.
A very in-depth, historical and beautifully designed publication, published in 2011 by Corraini of Milan. This is the first edition.

Alighiero E Boetti - Beyond Books
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