Ryan Gander, Stuart Bailey

While he was working on Appendix Appendix, Ryan Gander described it to Artforum as “a shooting script for a 13-part television series about television” and “a cross between John Berger’s…Ways of Seeing and Monty Python.” His collaborator and typographer Stuart Bailey, on the other hand, describes it as a sequel to their first book, Appendix, which compiled back stories for Gander’s conceptual work. Bailey says, “The problem (a good problem) is to work out how the second [collaboration] is affected by the first, how it swallows it. I always relate these things to music, so it’s like thinking what’s the second album going to be after the rough debut; more studio time, more pressure, bigger egos, drinking problems, etcetera.” Bailey has created books with Paulina Olowska, Lucy McKenzie and Frances Stark; Gander recently won the Baloise Prize at Art Basel and appeared in the 2006 Tate Triennial.

Edited by Christoph Keller.

Appendix Appendix: A proposal for a TV series by Ryan Gander and Stuart Bailey
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