Art Against Art #4



The art market is being kept alive with constant stimulus in the form of Venice-Basel-Kassel-Athens-Frieze-TEFAF. As the series of electric shocks continue, the art market is still in a period of reconfiguration trying to find longevity in the new. Whereas the art fair format inherently lacks culture – merely being a market place/forum for where exchange takes place – the biennial format has become too broad to create lasting cultural meaning; therefore the art market must look elsewhere for metrics of value. But if it only finds mirrors of its own logic (the free market itself), it will do nothing more than to accelerate the process upon which it has been organizing itself.

Definitions of culture have traditionally meant that the market can reflect on them too to prevent it from being flippant and volatile. The free market functions anchorless and incomprehensible without definitions – landmines of bubbles created without any meta signifier or even private collections and museums springing up that hang on the whim of the collector/personality/entrepreneur rather than frames of reference that create wider cultural value.

Contemporary art will only be able to reach the appreciation and longevity of modern art when…

– The Editors


Iain Robertson – What Drives the Value of Art?
Taslima Ahmed – Burning Man and the New Face of Art
Interview with Klaus Theweleit – No One Wins, It’s a War of Men – The Need for Cyborgs with Enhanced Human Potentials
Image Spread by Guan Xiao
Andrew Rankin – The Dangerous Art of Yukio Mishima
Antek Walczak – Boredom Year Point Oh
Image spread by Jeff Berwick
Samuel Veissière – Is the Self a Tulpa?
Artist edition by Marina Pinsky

Art Against Art #4
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