Andrew Long

Andrew Long

Publication to accompany Andrew Long’s exhibition Sway, at TCB art inc, Melbourne. 15.04.2015 – 02.05.2015

The city is a network of images arranged with no apparent logic other than that of advertising and promotion. This is your opportunity to enhance and decorate any environment or setting with high impact graphics. You can print images and promotional graphics direct to doors and walls suitable for offices, showrooms, sports clubs, kid’s rooms, or floor graphics for trade shows. Our investigation must concentrate on two interrelated issues: the position that we as receivers have in relation to the images, and the position the images have in relation to us in the urban environment. We look at them, but they also look at us. Wood grain together with its unique and individual character will give your graphics a rustic and organic feel, and printing to the reverse of acrylic or glass creates a contemporary and classy finish. It’s the ideal cost efficient solution for the budget-conscious.

Text by Isabelle Sully and Andrew Long.

Designed by Robert Milne.


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