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Other Primary Structures

The landmark Jewish Museum exhibition Primary Structures offered the first presentation of Minimalist sculptures in the United States, in 1966. The accompanying catalogue by Kynaston McShine became a key resource on artists such as Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, and Sol LeWitt, who were virtually unknown at the time. Other Primary Structures is a long-overdue reintroduction of this classic, out-of-print text. This two-volume set includes a replica of the original catalogue, plus a new companion volume by Jens Hoffmann that offers a global survey of early Minimalist sculpture during the 1960s and 1970s, featuring important sculptors from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, and complementing the earlier catalogue’s focus on American and British artists. Beautifully designed, this publication comes enclosed in a clear jacket that pays homage to the original catalogue’s iconic cover. Other Primary Structures is invaluable for the study of modern art history and provides an authoritative survey of Minimalist sculpture in the 1960s.

Carl Andre, Lyman Kipp, Tim Scott, Richard Van Buren, Isaac Witkin, Tony DeLap, Tom Doyle, Richard Artschwager, Michael Bolus, Paul Frazier, Douglas Huebler, John McCracken, Peter Phillips, Anne Truitt, Ronald Bladen, Robert Grosvenor, Donald Judd, Robert Morris, Larry Bell, Walter de Maria, Sol LeWitt, Daniel Gorski, David Gray, David Hall, Phillip King, John McCracken, Peter Pinchbeck, Michael Todd, Derrick Woodham, Rasheed Araeen, Sérgio Camargo, Willys de Castro, Saloua Raouda Choucair, Lygia Clark, Noemí Escandell, Gego, Stanislav Kolíbal, Edward Krasiński, David Lamelas, David Medalla, Hélio Oiticica, Lygia Pape, Alejandro Puente, Norberto Puzzolo, Branko Vlahović, Oscar Bony, Benni Efrat, Yoshida Katsurō, Stanislav Kolíbal, Susumu Koshimiz, Ivan Kožarić, David Lamelas, Amir Nour, Juan Pablo Renzi, Nobuo Sekine, Antonieta Sosa, Kishio Suga, Jirō Takamatsu, Lee Ufan

Other Primary Structures
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