Dennis Hopper


Dennis Hopper
A Tourist

A very scarce monograph of Director/Actor Dennis Hopper’s photographs from a 1991 visit to Tokyo and a 1994 visit to Kyoto, published in Kyoto in 1994 by Takao Nakamura and File, Inc.
This is the first and only edition and to our knowledge these photographs have never appeared in book form since. A fine copy. Includes invitation card to Dennis Hopper “Photo Works II” exhibition in Japan, 1994.

“From 1961 on I carried my camera everywhere. All My friends teased me about being a tourist. I put my Nikon away in 1967 when I started writing and directing “Easy Rider.” Only on occasion did I use it, when friends who were camera shy asked me to photograph them—Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, Maria Mckee, Quentin Tarantino.  Three years ago on my second trip to Japan, I took my Nikon with me for the first time since the 60’s and shot 30 rolls of film. In the states I had them developed, looked at the proof sheets vaguely and put them away.  Six months ago I blew up 12 pictures to give to friends in Japan because they always give me presents. I was surprised how much I liked the pictures. Chihiro Narumi asked me to do a show in Kyoto and Tokyo.  I bought a new Nikon 35Ti in Kyoto, and I am now carrying it everywhere. I feels good being a tourist again. My life seems very full suddenly.  Thank you. – Dennis Hopper”

* Condition: Very Good (excellent tight, clean copy) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

Dennis Hopper - A Tourist
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