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Art International
Vol. XIII/6 Summer 1969

Art International, Vol. XIII/6 Summer 1969
Published and Edited by James Fitzsimmons
Advisory Editors: Umbro Apollonio, Jean-Christophe Ammann, R. C. Kenedy, James Mellow.

Features: Bridget Riley, Barnett Newman, Tess Jaray, Oskar Kokoschka, Roland Topor, Tony Smith, Richard Linder, Jules Olitski, Karel Appel, Hans Bellmer, Horst-Egon Kalinowski, Louise Nevelson, Luciano Fabbro, George Brecht, Man Ray, Fernand Leger, Kenneth Noland, Lyonel Feininger, Herbert Ferber, George Sugarman, Walter de Maria, Edgar Negret, Richard Anuzkiewicz, Nicholas Krushenick, John Healey, Rodolfo Arico, Marco Cordioli, Edival Ramosa, Riccardo Emma, Livio Marzot, Pablo Picasso, Heinz Mack, and many more.

Art International was a highly regarded international art journal based in Switzerland from 1957-1984. With international editors and contributing writers, A.I. was issued 10 times per year and was published and edited by James A. Fitzsimmons.

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Art International, Vol. XIII/6 Summer 1969
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