Enoch Cheung


Torrent No. 2
D. Kurjakovic, L. Jensen (Eds.)

Published by the Burger Collection, ‘Torrent’ provides information and source material related to the work of artists it represents by focusing on in-depth conversations with diverse authors, practitioners and producers.

This issue includes a thought-provoking conversation with curator and writer Robert Storr on ethics in the art world. Artist contributions explore the awe-inspiring relationship between the sky and city space in Hong Kong (Muhanned Cader), materials about hyper-specialists on eBay, radioactive glows, and clouds of bats (Florian Germann) and text experiments and visuals related to pseudo writings and Chinese calligraphy (Enoch Cheung). Also included a visual essay about photographic materiality (Roland Lüthi) and a take on the transcultural dynamics in contemporary art through the example of kung-fu director Robert Tai’s Shaolin Dolemite (Manual Cirauqui).

Torrent No. 2
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