Galactic Locksmith

Galactic Locksmith

The first-ever and long-lost Bunyip Trax catalogue release (BTX0001).  Never before issued, until now, seven years later.

As hearsay has it, this album (the only recording known of the anonymous Galactic Locksmith) was recorded in a house in Glen Waverley, Victoria, over the course of one weekend in 2006.  This singular session of improvised music captures a gloriously wide range of territories and atmospheres – from meandering, haunting analog synth-scapes, to wild acid-folk/space free-forms, to touches of musique concrète, library, even disco (on the anomalous “Like a Duck to Kinky Water”). The music of KAROT seems to have little in common with anything happening in Melbourne in the mid-2000s, outside the undeniable connection to the sounds of the artists on the Bunyip Trax catalogue that developed after and around this time.  KAROT more closely possesses the irreverence and elan of experimental European artists from the 1960s/70’s such as Bernard Vitet, Polé, MEV, Franco Battiato, Agitation Free, Amon Düül, Ghedalia Tazartes, or even Basil Kirchin.
The record sleeve sheds little light on the LP aside from a quote of the late 19th century writer Robert W. Chambers and a listing of ‘instruments’ (“Arps Korgs Rolands Apples Wasp Kettle Bongos Whiskey Over Ice Various Bells Fender Electric Bass Acoustic Guitar Lachlan Custom Electric Guitar Swany Whistle Various Drums Voices FX Yamaha Ibanez Stoker Cowbell Hand-Claps Water Shakers & A House”).

The LP comes housed in a white card sleeve with bootleg-style paste-on cover artwork (some in blue ink, printed in The Netherlands, the others xeroxed in black), recently inserted with a catalogue sheet that reproduces (rather illegibly) all Bunyip Trax releases to date (inc. cassettes and compact discs from VDO, Gugg, Mouving, Moffarfarrah, Paeces, Urchyn, Saint John’s Ambience, Porpoise Torture, and others) and a download link to the “expanded, uncut version” of this very album, which originally almost ran into double-LP duration.

Pressed and printed in 2006 yet never issued until now (late 2013), seven years later, and here only in it’s original edition of 100 copies, this LP has somewhat become a mythological creature of the Australian experimental underground, and is available exclusively until sold out from World Food Books.

Galactic Locksmith - KAROT LP
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