Hillary Boscott


Q SPACE + Q SPACE ANNEX 1980 + 1981
Peter Cripps, John Nixon

Publication produced by the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane on the occasion of the exhibition “Q SPACE + Q SPACE ANNEX 1980 + 1981”, curated by Peter Cripps in 1986.

“In 1981+82 Q SPACE and Q SPACE ANNEX, directed  by John Nixon, operated in Brisbane as part of a series of strategies by artists involved in the reorientation and remodelling of contemporary art practice. Over the two years that Q SPACE and Q SPACE ANNEX operated, seventy seven exhibitions were held. Q SPACE, as with the earlier V SPACE, derived its meaning from the state in which it operated ― Q standing for Queensland. Works by the following artists and groups were shown at these spaces: Peter Tyndall, Jenny Watson, Imants Tillers, Hilary Boscott, John Davis, Robert MacPherson, John  Nixon, John Smith and Anti-Music. This exhibition and catalogue have been compiled from the Q SPACE archives. Where possible we have attempted to maintain the original method and feeling of  this documentation.”
Brisbane, June 1986

Includes texts by Peter Cripps and John Nixon, as well as an interview between the two artists, alongside exhibition photography of each show by John Nixon and Robert MacPherson, and an exhibition history.

Q SPACE + Q SPACE ANNEX 1980 + 1981
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