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Nick Land
Fanged Noumena: Collected Writings 1987-2007

Fanged Noumena assembles for the first time the writings of Nick Land, variously described as ‘rabid nihilism’, ‘mad black Deleuzianism’, ‘accelerationism’, and ‘cybergothic’.Wielding weaponized, machinically-recombined versions of Deleuze and Guattari, Reich and Freud, in the company of fellow ‘werewolves’ such as Nietzsche, Bataille, Artaud, Trakl and Cioran, to a cutup soundtrack of Bladerunner, Terminator and Apocalypse Now, Land plotted a rigorously schizophrenic escape route out of academic philosophy, and declared all-out war on the Human Security System. Despite his ‘disappearance’, Land’s output has been a crucial underground influence both on recent Speculative Realist thought, and on artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers invigorated by his uncompromising and abrasive philosophical vision.Long the subject of rumor and vague legend, Land’s turbulent post-genre theory-fictions of cybercapitalist meltdown smear cyberpunk, philosophy, arithmetic, poetics, cryptography, anthropology, grammatology and the occult into unrecognizable and gripping hybrids. Beginning with Land’s radical rereadings of Heidegger, Nietzsche and Kant, Fanged Noumena terminates in Professor Barker’s cosmic theory of geo-trauma and neo-qabbalistic attempts to formulate a numerical anti-language.Fanged Noumena is a dizzying trip through land’s rigorous, incisive and provocative work, establishing it as an indispensable resource for radically inhuman thought in the twenty-first century.

Edited and with an Introduction by Ray Brassier and Robin Mackay

Contents: Editors’ Introduction / Kant, Capital and the Prohibition of Incest / Narcissism and Dispersion in Heidegger’s 1953 Trakl Interpretation / Delighted to Death / Art as Insurrection / Spirit and Teeth / After the Law / Making it with Death / Shamanic Nietzsche / Circuitries / Machinic Desire / Cybergothic / Cyberrevolution / Hypervirus / No Future / Cyberspace Anarchitecture as Jungle-War / Meat (or How to Kill Oedipus in Cyberspace) / Meltdown / A ZiiGothic X-Coda (Cooking Lobsters with Jake and Dinos) / KatasoniX / Barker Speaks / Mechanomics / Cryptolith / Non-Standard Numeracies: Nomad Cultures / Occultures / Origins of the Cthulhu Club / Introduction to Qwernomics / Tic-Talk / Qabbala 101 / Critique of Transcendental Miserablism—-

Land had the most brilliantly seductive and meteoric mind, endlessly imaginative and capable of adopting, inhabiting and discarding any philosophical position. With him – and rightly so – philosophy infected every area of life, and sheer vitality of life reverberated in his thinking.

I see Fanged Noumena as a kind of righteous revenge. Nick was dismissed by professional philosophers because they simply didn’t want to think and preferred their turgid academic complacency. I always admired him for his unwavering desire to take thought to its absolute limit and then see how much harder one could push. – Simon Critchley

These extraordinary texts, superheated compounds of severe abstraction and scabrous wit, testify to a uniquely penetrating intelligence, fusing transcendental philosophy, number theory, geophysics, biology, cryptography and occultism into startlingly cohesive but increasingly delirious theory-fictions. – Ray Brassier

This is theory as cyberpunk fiction: Deleuze-Guattari’s concept of capitalism as the virtual unnameable Thing that haunts all previous formations pulp-welded to the timebending of the Terminator films. Land’s machinic theory-poetry parallelled the digital intensities of 90s jungle, techno and doomcore, anticipating ‘impending human extinction becoming accessible as a dance-floor’. – Mark Fisher (K-Punk)

In the last half of the twentieth century, academics talked endlessly about the outside, but no-one went there. Land, by exemplary contrast, made experiments in the unknown unavoidable for a philosophy caught in the abstractive howl of post-political cybernetics. Fanged Noumena demonstrates how Land ruined a generation of intellectuals for merely academic philosophy, by opening a speculative singularity where the future used to be. – Iain Hamilton Grant

Nick Land - Fanged Noumena: Collected Writings 1987-2007
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