James Beckett

James Beckett

In a spatially and conceptually complex arrangement of text, image and scale, this book is a multi-vocal account of the varied practice of James Beckett.

Beckett’s work explores minor histories, many of which are concerned with industrial development and demise across Europe, a process of investigation which is as much physical as it is biographical.

The pages of this new monograph are littered with associative interjections from the archive of Frank Keyʼs radio program Hooting Yard, as an irreverent running commentary.

These texts become marginal notes to, and poetic mirrors of, the contributions of the book’s eleven other authors (Frank Key, Will Bradley, Kari Cwynar, Moosje M. Goosen, Will Holder, Virginija Januškevičiūtė, Kathrin Jentjens, Angela Jerardi, Frances Larson, Catrin Lorch, Brian Pugh, Dieter Roelstraete)…

Published with Westreich Wagner Publications, New York.

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