Mai-Thu Perret

Novembre 7
Spring / Summer 2013

Arts and Fashion Practices from Switzerland and The World.

Novembre 7: Adam Corbétt, Aiko Koike, Alex Israel, Alice Rosati, Alice Pfeiffer, Allison Depriestre, Angelik Iffennecker, Anna Sadamori, Anne Baerwald, Antoine Seiter, Ariane Koek, Asher Penn, Aude Pariset, Axl Jansen, Brett Lloyd, Cecy Young, Céline Duong, Charlott Cobler, Charlotte Krieger, Ché Zara Blomfield, Christopher Kam, Clémence Cahu, Daisuke Hara, Dan Hoy, Daniel Feinberg, Daytona Williams, Dylan Perrenoud, E. Figi, Eddy Martin, Elin Edlund, Elisabeta Tudor, Elise Lammer, Elspeth N. Gillespie, Elvira Belafonte, Fabien Kruszelnicki, Florence Tétier, Florian Joye, Franco Argento, Gabriele Schor, Gary Moore, Gauthier Huber, George Lewin, Georgia Pendlebury, Gilles Degivry, Gilles Furtwängler, Guillaume Pilet, Harry Griffin, Hélène Vasnier, Henrijs Grabovkis, Hiroshi Matsuhita, Ilja Karilampi, Iman Alem, James Grant, James V. Thomas, Jean-Claude Gandur, John McCarty, John Barker, Julia H Burlingham, Julien Pujol, Kerry Shaw, Kim Seob Boninsegni, Laura Vartiainen, Maarten Van Der Horst, Magda Antoniuk, Mai-Thu Perret, Marbiers 4, Marlen Keller, Martina Luisetti, Mia Dabrowski, Miguel Bento, Naoko Scintu, Natalie Yuksel, Nathalie Perrin, Nick Widmer, Nicolas Coulomb, Nicolas Party, Nobuko Tannawa, Olivier Kæser, Pani Paul, Pau Avia, Peter Fingleton, Philippe Daerendinger, Philippe Ovak, Pierre Marie, Priscillia Saada, Raquel Dias, Rémy Pia, Rosie Moon, Sandy Brown, Sean Gallagher, Serge Frühauf, Shelley Durkan, Sigurd Grünberger, Soraya Kohler, Stefan Sondermann, Stefan Burger, Stéphane Bodin, Takanori Okuwaki, Teiji Tsumi, The X Nails, Thibault Proux, Thomas Lohr, Timothée Chaillou, Tiziana Raimondo, Tom Guinness, Tony Lundström, Victoria Binns, Vinzenz Meyner, Werner Bischof, Willie Knoll, Yannick Aellen, Yuji Okuda…….

Born in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2010, Novembre takes an active role in reformulating the perceptions and experiences of its native country.

Under the candid caption “arts and fashion in Switzerland and the world”, Novembre activates intergenerational discussions, producing international content that explores the critical stakes inherent to the Swiss identity: its neutrality notably fortifies its supposed integrity and inviolability, whilst placing the Confederation in an extremely productive and influential position within the arts on a global level.

Through the organic association of fashion, design and art, Novembre highlights the products which proliferate in schools, studios, galleries, showrooms, institutions, trade shows, fairs, hotels and bank lobbies and living rooms – addressing issues of integration, independence, equality, and exchange.

Novembre is currently published and independently by Florence Tétier (Paris), Florian Joye (Lausanne), and Jeanne-Salomé Rochat (Berlin), who united after their graduation from ECAL University of Arts, Switzerland.

Novembre 7
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