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Mousse #40

TALKING ABOUT – Museum of Malware by John Menick
LAURA POITRAS – Primary Documents by Lauren Cornell
TALKING ABOUT – The Resistance to Symbols by Jennifer Allen
TALKING ABOUT – Outside In by Chris Wiley
TALKING ABOUT – Outside Art. After Venice by Dieter Roelstraete
MATT WOLF – Dreaming Documentary by Stuart Comer
TALKING ABOUT – Excuse My Dust by Jennifer Bornstein
TALKING ABOUT – Thinking Contemporary Exhibitions by Terry Smith and Jens Hoffmann
RACHEL ROSE – A State of Constant Becoming by Laura McLean-Ferris
ADRIANO COSTA – Materials Love to Find Me… by Gigiotto Del Vecchio
GAVIN KENYON – Sculptural Bondage by Cecilia Alemani
TALKING ABOUT – After Effects: Art and Technology, Then and Now by João Ribas
LUCIEN SMITH – History Repeating by Chelsea Haines
PARIS – MATI DIOP – Provoking Colours by Filipa Ramos
LOS ANGELES – SCOLI ACOSTA – Percussive Paintings and Quixotic Cadences: The Travels and Travails of Scoli Acosta by Andrew Berardini
LONDON – RICHARD SIDES – Social Spaces by Pavel S. Pys´
NEW YORK – JOSH KLINE – New Objects of Common Pictures by Christopher Y. Lew
VANESSA PLACE – The Frictionless Witness or Us, Keeping Us Real by Quinn Latimer
TALKING ABOUT – Artists and Workers by Julian Myers-Szupinska
TALKING ABOUT – May Your Children Turn Their Faces from You by Doug Ashford

and much more…

Mousse #40
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