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Australian Style

1st edition of “Australian Style” – published in hardcover in 1970 this heavily-illustrated volume aims to survey what the “new” (of 1970) Australian style of modern architecture and interior design looked like, through profiles on prominent Australian decorators, designers, Innovators and architects of the time, including Harry Seidler, Robin Boyd, Gordon Andrews, Babette Hayes, Ken Woolley, and Neville Gruzman, amongst many others, alongside wonderful photographic reproductions of their interiors, buildings, furniture, textiles, and more.

“Australia is developing a style of living which is as unique as the country itself. With growing affluence and the aggressive assault of mass media on our sensibilities, we have emerged from the era of composite nothingness drawn from remembered lands across the sea, and are presently finding our own standards and our own likes and dislikes in everything from pepper grinders to fifty-storey buildings. This book opens communication with the people who are making the new Australia liveable. It shows in 236 pages of magnificent colour and black and white illustration just what is happening on the frontiers of our sophistication.  It voices the opinions of the experts who create our shelters. Architects like Robin Boyd, Harry Seidler and Neville Gruzman; designers like Gordon Andrews and Florence Broadhurst; interior designers like Marion Hall Best, Leslie Walford and Barry Little and the dozens of other innovators and creators who are daily adding to our knowledge and our comfort.  In compiling the text, April Hersey has drawn our domestic development briefly to this time and place and then pin-pointed the rooms of a house and the work of the various designers and architects. Babette Hayes and Rodney Weidland have found the perfect illustrations for everything, from the smallest device to the most extravagant decor, to show Australian homes as they look today.”

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Australian Style
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