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GA Houses No.9
Special Feature: New Waves in American Architecture

Ninth issue from 1982 of this now classic architectural series, the great GA Houses from Tokyo, Japan.

One of the finest architecture journal series ever published, GA Houses extends from the famous GA (Global Architecture) journal series, presented by the highly esteemed publishing house that also published the GA, GA Document, and GI (Global Interior) architectural publications.

Each issue of GA Houses highlights a selection of residential architectural projects by renowned international architects.

Beautiful architectural photography of residential building interiors, exteriors and architectural details, along with texts (mostly in Japanese) and floor-plans/elevation drawings make up the profiles on each featured building or residential environment. The visual generosity of these handsomely designed and printed journals make them a treasure for any architecture or interior design enthusiast or collector.

GA Houses No.9, 1981
Special Feature: New Waves in American Architecture

Contents include:

Trip to Epoch-Making

by Peter C. Papademetriou

Meet the Architect:

BOHLIN POWELL LARKIN CYWINSKI – Summer Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Eric Q. Bohlin, West Cornwall, Connecticut; Summer/Weekend Residence, Northeastern Pennsylvania; Residence for Norman Gaffney, Coatesville, Pennsylvania; MacHarg Residence, Northwestern Pennsylvania; Caretaker’s Complex Shelly Ridge Girl Scout Center, Springfield Townsip, Pennsylvania; Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Feldman, Jackson Township, Pennsylvania; Residence for Albert and Barbara Albert, Waverly, Pennsylvania.
MICHELL/GIURGOLA – Kasperson Residence, Conestoga, Pennsylvania
EDWARD LARRABEE BARNES – Vacation House, Mount Desert Island, Maine
JOEL LEVINSON – Arbor House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
JOAN SACKS – Rocca House, Los Angeles, California
MICHAEL FRANKLIN ROSS – John and Jean Ross Residence, Old Westbury, New York
RICARDO BOFILL TALLER DE ARQUITECTURA – House in Montras near Costa Brava, Spain

Special Feature:
New Wave in American Architecture: 2

EUGENE KUPPER – Nilsson House, Los Angeles, California; Wall House in Berkeley, California
ERIC OWEN MOSS – 708 House, Los Angeles, California Fun House Calabassas, California Easter Island Condominium Pasadena, California Pin Ball House Los Angeles, California; Adams House, Los Angeles, California
FREDERICK FISHER  Caplin Residence, Venice, California; Jan Horn Residence, Beverly Glen, California; Jorgensen Residence, Hollywood, California
PETER C. PAPADEMETRIOU/bv – Davis Residence, Houston, Texas
PETER DE BRETTEVILLE – Villa Cambiamento, Malibu, California Padiglione di Riposa; Willow Glen House, Los Angeles, California; Sunset House, Los Angeles, California
Studio WORKS – Gagosian Gallery, Venis, California
TAFT ARCHITECTS – Grove Court Townhouses, Houston, Texas; A House in the City (Estes House), Houston, Texas
MORPHOSIS – Flores Residence Addition, Pacific Palisades, California; 2-4-6-8 House, Venice, California; Sedlak Addition, Venice, California; Mexico Ⅱ House, Ensenada, Baja, Mexico; Cohen Residence, Woodland Hills, California; Lawrence Residence, Hermosa Beach, California

* Condition: Very Good (a clean, tight copy) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

GA Houses No.9
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The Industrial Style and Source Book for the Home

“HIGH-TECH: The Industrial Style and Source Book for the Home” is, as the title suggests, THE resource book on HIGH-TECH. Published in 1978, this is the first printing of this amazing and influential design book. “How to outfit your home with paraphernalia originally developed for factories, battleships, dry cleaners, laboratories, Chinese restaurants, and hundreds of other commercial and industrial uses.” “Gym lockers in the bedroom, factory lamps over the dining table, detection mirrors over the dressing table, movers’ pads for upholstery, Con Ed guardrails for towel racks, I beams for end tables, steno chairs for dining chairs, supermarket doors swinging into the kitchen, warehouse shelving in the living room, scaffolding beds, test tubes for bud vases —  something exciting is happening in home furnishings and it’s called high-tech.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, you will soon.  And its meaning will soon become as familiar as art deco or art nouveau. A play on the words “high-style” and “technology”, “high-tech” is a term being used in archtectural circles to describe an increasing number of residences and public buildings with a nuts-and-bolts-exposed-pipes technological look or to describe residences made of prefabricated components more commonly used to build warehouses or factories.  Authors Joan Kron and  Suzanne Slesin, two infuential home-furnishings reporters, have expanded this  definition to include a parallel trend in interior design — the use of commonplace commercial and industrial equipment in the home. HIGH-TECH is a breakthrough book about a revolution in design that is sweeping the country — in fact, the world.  It is the first in-depth look at the industrial aesthetic as applied to architecture and home furnishings.”

Richly illustrated across 286 pages that showcase applications of industrical and technological components to residential interiors and home furnishing, the contents include: “THE INDUSTRIAL AESTHETIC”; “STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS”; “SYSTEMS”; “STORAGE”; “FURNITURE”; “MATERIALS”; “LIGHTING”; “THE WORKS”; “FINISHING TOUCHES”, covering everything from Display Systems, Mezzanines and Greenhouses, to Embossed Metals, Laboratory Glass and Food Preparation devices.

Includes the work of Sir Joseph Paxton, George Fred Keck, Pierre Chareau, Charles and Ray Eames, Michael Hopkins, Helmut Schulitz, Peter de Bretteville, Ward Bennett, Joseph Paul D’Urso, Richard Rogers, Renzo Piano, Michael Schnaible, Michael Graves, to name but a few. Edited by Joan Kron and Suzanne Slesin, both influential American reporters on home furnishings with The New York Time, Esquire, Industrial Design, Abitare, and Domus, amongst others. Introduction by Emilio Ambasz, prize-winning architect and designer, and curator of design at the Museum of Modern Art. Design by Walter Bernard, who was art director of Time magazine and New York magazine.

Printed in Italy.
This is the first printing of this book from 1978.

* Condition: Very Good (book of tight-binding, clean pages, shows only general bumping, wear-and-tear to it’s protective dust-jacket) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

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