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The Universal Addressability of Dumb ThingsThe Universal Addressability of Dumb Things

The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things
Mark Leckey Curates

Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Leckey presents the latest in Hayward Touring’s celebrated series of artist-curated exhibitions. “The Universal Addressibility of Dumb Things” will explore the theme of transformative technology, a kind of techno-animism, where the inanimate comes to life, and no distinction is drawn between things mental and things material, the sacred and the profane. Contemporary works of art, mechanical objects, historical material from science and archaeological museums, factory prototypes and imagery from internet sites will coexist in the pages of this book, creating ‘a colossal body across time and space’. The artist also intends this to be a book in which the greatest thinkers and writers in this field are brought together – as well as his own introductory text, fiction, cultural criticism and the history of technology will be brought together in three unique, authoritative new texts.

The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things
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