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Texte Zur Kunst #104

Issue #104 of TzK examines a key protagonist of the modern age: the individual. As our cover suggests, there is an inherent tragedy to this being who, however autonomous, is beholden to a program that it must internalize at the price of suffering enormously. This issue takes up the individual not as a fixed subject, but as a mode of the self that shifts according to the current form of governance, asking how 15-some years of the “new spirit of capitalism” has shaped her – as an artist, as an entrepreneur, as a “productive” contemporary self.




INVEST YOURSELF! / Wendy Brown in conversation with Isabelle Graw


CAN THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SELF TWEET? / An interview with Ulrich Bröckling

BUFFERING OF THE SELF: GUISING IN THE MID-’00S / Storm van Helsing, André Rottmann, Sarah Nicole Prickett, Reena Spaulings, @lilinternet, i.i.i., Luther Blissett — on — Luther Blissett, JT LeRoy, Reena Spaulings, @lonelygirl15, Claire Fontaine, An Hero, Lee Williams, and Strom van Helsing

SPEECH GESTURES / Notes on the individual and the socialization of language after Gutenberg

PRODUCING INDIVIDUALITY / The Artist among his Contemporaries

I’M NOT PUNK / Alex Israel in conversation with Texte zur Kunst


FEEDBACK FÜR BLINDE FLECKE / Karin Gludovatz über „Jenseits des Spiegels. Das Sehen in Kunstgeschichte und Visual Culture Studies“ von Susanne von Falkenhausen

WORLD WIDE WEB / Anthony Vidler on Felicity D. Scott’s “Outlaw Territories”

LANGSAMER ABSCHIED / Esther Buss über Albert Serras „La mort de Louis XIV“

DAS SICH SELBST TRÄUMENDE INTERNET / Sulgi Lie über Werner Herzogs „Lo and Behold. Reveries of the Connected World“

SHARING ANGST / Gaby Tront on Anne Imhof’s “Angst II” at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Mikael Brkic on Alex Israel at the Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo / Steven Warwick on Morag Keil at Eden Eden, Berlin / Hanna Magauer über Dana Schutz bei Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin / Tonio Kröner über Amelie von Wulffen in der Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin / Kari Rittenbach on Margaret Lee at Jack Hanley Gallery, New York / Susanne von Falkenhausen über „Die zu sein scheint, die bin ich.“ Birgit Jürgenssen, Cindy Sherman, Katharina Sieverding und Francesca Woodman in der Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin

INDIVIDUELLER ORIENT / Diedrich Diederichsen über Michael Buthe im Haus der Kunst, München

ÜBERBLENDUNGSVERHÄLTNISSE / Sabeth Buchmann über Ellen Cantor im Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

… MY MERE SELF / Rachel Haidu on Kai Althoff at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

DIE KUNST DER STUNDE / Susanne Leeb über Kader Attia im Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt / M.

RUBY STERLING ZEIGT STERLING RUBY / Tanja Widmann und Inka Meißner über Sterling Ruby im Winterpalais Wien

DAS VIRTUELLE IM PHYSISCHEN / Hanne Loreck über Katrin Mayer und Eske Schlüters in der Kunsthalle Lingen

WHY BOTHER WITH SHOW BUSINESS? / Bosko Blagojevic on Antek Walczak at Real Fine Arts, New York

WERKE / Nikola Dietrich über Karl Holmqvist und Klara Lidén im Kunstverein Braunschweig

BIRD OF PARADISE / Frank Wagner (1958–2016) in the words of Julie Ault


Texte Zur Kunst #104
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Ruby CHRON coverRuby CHRON spread

Sterling Ruby

CHRON is an approximately 500-page publication that collects over 300 collages and works on paper from a decade of Los Angeles-based artist Sterling Ruby’s (born 1972) practice. Vivid backgrounds and a variety of media compose the intricate, geometric collages and reference the artist’s painting and sculptural work. Ruby’s DRFTRS and EXHM series are also collected here. The latter, massive pieces of cardboard originally used as a shell for the studio floor, are painted in deep hues of primary colors and exhibit the continued accrual of urethane and studio debris, a technique the artist continues to explore today. Proclaimed “one of the most interesting artists to emerge in this century” byNew York Times art critic Roberta Smith, Ruby–with his graffiti-based spray paint drawings, nail-polish abstractions and inscribed Formica sculptures–has perfected a sort of anti-minimalism, here compiled in this massive new volume.

Sterling Ruby - CHRON
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Kaleidoscope #27
Summer 2016 (Sterling Ruby)

Kaleidoscope #27 (Summer 2016) is issue is a key to enter the world of Los Angeles-based artist Sterling Ruby, exclusively playing the double role of subject and guest editor. Conceived as a viral, aggressive takeover of the magazine’s architecture, content and design, this hyper-vertical survey is the result of an intense dialogue with the artist and his studio, comprised of 160+ pages on his exuberant work and vision.

Ruby’s cover portrait is drawn from an extensive series shot by photographer Max Farago at the artist’s massive industrial studio space in LA. Inside, the Sterling Ruby Takeover decodes the artist’s grammar through an intimate conversation with artist Piero Golia and newly commissioned writings by Alex Gartenfeld, Donatien Grau, Aram Moshayedi, Ross Simonini, Paul Schimmel and Catherine Taft; while his network of influences is explored through a series of guest features dedicated to his peers, heroes and collaborators, including Huma Bhabha (by Massimiliano Gioni), Cassils (by Francesca Gavin), Mike Davis (by Sterling Ruby), John Divola (by Alexander Shulan), Cyprien Gaillard (by Natalia Valencia Arango), Ron Nagle (by Sterling Ruby), Nancy Rubins (by Sterling Ruby), Raf Simons (by Alessio Ascari) and Melanie Schiff (by Sarah Workneh). All of this content is punctuated by stunning visual contributions especially created by Ruby for the magazine’s pages, comprising an unseen presentation of his Work Wear modeled by the entire studio team.

Born in 1972 on an American air force base in Germany, raised in rural Pennsylvania, trained in Chicago, Ruby moved to LA to finish his education, became Mike Kelley’s teaching assistant and quickly one of the city’s quintessential artists. Now 44, he runs a megastudio with a staff of over twenty under the big black sun. Complex to label in his unapologetic combination of compulsion and strategy, bigness and poetry, handcraft and seriality, darkness and psychedelia, hard and soft, Ruby is one of the most unique and controversial voices on the art scene, working incessantly across the most diverse media and platforms and stretching the limits of visual language. This hybrid editorial experiment coincides with the artist’s major show at the Belvedere/Winterpalais in Vienna and participation in the “Made in LA“ biennial at Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

Running independent from the takeover, the opening section of HIGHLIGHTS and the closing section of REGULARS complete the issue with a rich and varied selection of the best of the summer season and insightful contributions from our columnists and correspondents around the globe.

HIGHLIGHTS features profiles on Sean Raspet (by Franklin Melendez), Kienholz (by Gianni Jetzer), Marguerite Humeau (by Nadim Samman), Eckhaus Latta (by Chloe Wilcox), Sol Calero (by George Vasey), Renaud Jerez (by Tina Kukielski), Christopher Y. Lew (by Julia Trotta), Yngve Holen (by Cristina Travaglini), Home Economics (by Attilia Fattori Franchini), Valerie Keane (by Allison Bulger), Cao Fei (by Xin Wang) and Megan Rooney (by Harry Burke).

In the REGULARS section, “Producers” features Carson Chan in conversation with New York-based collective DIS; in “Futura 89+,” Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets (with Katherine Dionysius) interview young Portuguese artist Bruno Zhu; Fiona Duncan reflects on the figure of the go-go dancer in contemporary art and culture as part of her “Pro/Creative” column; in “Renaissance Man,” Jeffrey Deitch discusses the collaboration between artist Alex Israel and writer Bret Easton Ellis; Maria Lind’s “Centerstage” presents Danish artist Marie Kölbaek-Iversen; Gean Moreno unveils Cuba’s new normal for “Panorama”; in “Pioneers,” Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen talk to Heimo Zobernig; and lastly, as part of the “What’s Next” series, we look forward to the season with collector and curator Tiffany Zabludowicz.

Kaleidoscope #27 (Summer 2016 Sterling Ruby)
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Sterling Ruby
Soft Work

Sterling Ruby, a multidisciplinary artist who makes urethane and bronze sculptures, hallucinatory color-field canvases, and handmade ceramics, addresses the conflict between individual desire and social structure, and the influence of institutional architecture, both literal and figurative, on human behaviour and psychology.

This book (conceived and designed by the artist) is generously illustrated with dozens of full-page photographs from the last four exhibition venues as well as many images from Ruby’s studio, providing a valuable insight into the artist’s process and methods.

Published retrospectively after the exhibition SOFT WORK(2012/13) at Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm; FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims; Museo MACRo, Rome; and Centre D’Art Contemporain, Geneva.

English and German text.

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Sterling Ruby - Soft Work
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