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Anything Goes
Art in Australia 1970-1980

First printing of “Anything Goes : Art in Australia 1970-1980”, published by Art & Text in 1984. Edited by Paul Taylor, founder of Art & Text, this large, valuable volume of essays by leading writers of those years – covering all aspects of painting, sculpture, photography and experimental art forms since 1970 – features contributions by Janine Burks, Mary Eagle, Christine Godden, Robert Lindsay, Ian Burn, Julie Ewington, Memory Holloway, Terry Smith, Ann Stephen, Margaret Plant, Patrick McCaughey, Daniel Thomas.

“The 1970s were years of unprecedented change in Australian art and culture, and Anything Goes is the first book about that decade’s remarkable variety of art.”

Includes the work of: →↑→, Mike Parr, Howard Arkley, Jenny Watson, Donald Judd, Ian Burn, John Lethbridge, John Davis, Mel Bochner, Joseph Beuys, Mel Ramsden, Women’s Domestic Needlework Group, Andy Warhol, Tim Johnson, Nigel Lendon, Artsworkers Union, Robert Rooney, Clive Murray-White, Tony McGillick, Fred Williams, John Firth-Smith, George Haynes, Donald Laycock, Michael Taylor, Fred Cress, Ron Robertson-Swann, David Aspden, Sydney Ball, Roger Kemp, Paul Partos, Trevor Vickors, Robert Hunter, Robert Jacks, Vivienne Binns, Bonita Ely, Marie McMahon, Virginia Cuppaidge, Imants Tillers, Les Kossatz, Ti Parks, Peter Cripps, Ken Searle, Jan Senbergs, George Baldessin, John Armstrong, Janet Dawson, Dale Hickey, Tony Coleing, Marr Grounds, Chips Mackinolty, Ann Newmarch, Colin Little, Jan Mackay, Toni Robertson, Jenny Hill, Christo, Ross Grounds, Ken Unsworth, Kevin Mortensen, Stelarc, Jillian Orr, Hossein Valamanesh, W. Thomas Arthur, Ewa Pachucka, Vicki Varvaressos, Carol Jerrems, Elizabeth Gower, Geoff Hogg, Ann Newmarch, Peter Kennedy, Jon Rhodes, Bill Henson, Stephen Lojewski, Robert Owen, Mark Johnson, Peter Booth, John Duckley-Smith, Ron Robertson-Swann, Alun Leach-Jones, Michael Johnson, Lesley Dumbrell, Fred Cross, John Walker, David Aspden, and many more.

Paul Taylor (Melbourne, 1957–7 September 1992) was an Australian art critic, curator, editor and publisher. In 1981, he founded Art & Text, the contemporary art journal considered to be responsible for generating and promoting postmodernist discourse in Australian art.

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Anything Goes (1984)
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The LIP Anthology
An Australian Feminist Arts Journal 1976-1984

By reviewing the adventurous projects and artworks of a significant group of women involved with the LIP Collective based in Melbourne in the 1970s and 80s, this exciting anthology co-published by Kunstverein Publishing Amsterdam and Macmillan Art Publishing: Melbourne discloses for the first time the scope of the movement. It published Lip: A Feminist Arts Journal; the Earthworks Poster Collective; The Women’s Theatre Group; The Women’s Film Group and a host of exhibitions and critical writings connecting Australian women artists with the activities of their counterparts overseas.

Among the many contributors are Janine Burke, Annette Blonski, Suzanne Davies, Helen Grace, Ponch Hawkes, Sue Johnston, Laleen Jayamanne, Suzanne Spunner and Ann Stephen.

As editor Vivian Ziherl writes:
“Lip magazine was self-published by women in Melbourne from 1976 to 1984 and stood as a lightning rod for Australian feminist artistic practice over the ‘Women Liberation’ era. The art and ideas expressed over Lip’s lifetime track, with ground-breaking moves into performance, ecology, social-engagement and labor politics, stood at an intersection with local realities. The Lip Anthology seeks a figuration of Lip as a composite feminist entity produced with relation to the situational conditions of its production.

The anthology selection is not proposed as a ‘best of’, but rather as cumulative array of materials indicating the range and dynamism of the Lip project. The diversity of the periodical is privileged across multiple disciplinary vantages, as well as among the varied feminist positions brought together through the discursive space afforded by Lip. Collecting and presenting the materials of Lip for the first time since their original appearance, the anthology seeks (re/de)construction and routes of (re)circulation towards points of (re)commencement.

Vivian Ziherl is a curator at If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want to Be Part Of Your Revolution, Amsterdam, as well as undertaking independent projects, research and writing. Recent projects include Landings (2013-14) – a research project co-curated with Natasha Ginwala that seeks cross-over readings of land history, geomorphology, rurality and corporeality; and StageIt! (2012-13), a performance series co-curated with Hendrik Folkerts at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Ziherl will be the seventh guest curator invited to the David Roberts Art Foundation ‘Curator Series’ for 2014.

‘The Lip Anthology’ is published by Kunstverein Publishing and Macmillan Art Publishing, co-produced with Grazer Kunstverein and with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts and the TEWRR.

The LIP Anthology - An Australian Feminist Arts Journal 1976-1984
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