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First two-volume box edition of this scarce publication on the work of Bernard Faucon, issued only in Japan in 1991 by PARCO and dedicated entirely to Faucon’s major body of photographic work (accompanied by his writings) Les Idoles et les Sacrifices (1989–1991). Beautifully printed and bound in Japan.

“Idols and Sacrifices mark the end of a long cycle of abstraction, idealisation, that had led from the first pleasant times on the beach to the gold haze of the Chambers. The end also of an innocence, a magic confidence in the power of the image, in that ‘leibnitzian’ idea that every image contains all others, contains the world.

Dressed up as a sort of back-to-basics of photography, back to the classic genres, ‘the Portrait and the Landscape’. Idols and Sacrifices constitute a laying-bare, a radicalisation, a simplifying of the means that will take me to the End Of The Image. The wish to face, once at least, the body only, beauty without artifice. The wish to answer in my own way the question of the living: since the living cannot be photographed, we will try and photograph the gods!

The red landscapes imposed themselves later, because Idol and Sacrifice make up an inseparable couple, and also as a metaphor of the powerlessness of photography, of its incurable deficiency faced with the intensity of the living, the red of Sacrifices becomes the wound, the despair of photography itself.”
– Bernard Faucon

Bernard Faucon (b. 1950 in Provence) is a French photographer and writer.

Faucon was one of the first photographers in the second half of the 20th century to systematically create and master the constructed image, gaining fame worldwide in the late 1970s when he started a new trend of mise en scène photo.

His photographic work has a love of youth and dreamy beauty, using saturated colour, natural settings, rooms and often tableaux of mannequins.  For more than 20 years, his staged photographs have been exhibited in international galleries such as Leo Castelli in New York, and Agathe Gaillard and Yvon Lambert in Paris. Elsewhere, he has also been a part of collective exhibitions dedicated to staged photography. He has won numerous awards from his work, including the Grand Prix National (1989), and the Prix Leonard de Vinci (1991).

His major photographic series are, in date-order: Les Grandes Vacances (1977–1981); Evolution probable du Temps (1981–1984); Les Chambres d’amour (1987–1989); Les Idoles et les Sacrifices (1989–1991); Les écritures (1991–1993); and La Fin de L’image (1993–1995).

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Bernard Faucon - Les Idoles et les Sacrifices
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