Brian Kennon

Made for Kennon’s 2011 exhibition Get In at ltd los angeles, these books are altered facsimiles of catalogs from the Vienna Secession. Secession – Christopher Wool (Josh Smith) takes the 2001 Wool catalog and adds on top of it images of Josh Smith paintings taken from Smith’s massive archival website. Secession- Christopher Wool (Polaroids) takes the same 2001 catalog, which reproduces a series of polaroids Wool took of his paintings, and swaps a selection of them for polaroids (mostly of nudes) found online. Secession – Michael Krebber is a collaboration between Brian Kennon and Darren Bader. For it, Kennon took the 2005 Krebber catalog and added images based on a Google image search instigated by Bader.

Secession - Christopher Wool (Polaroids)
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