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Centre for Style Rag: Silly Canvas
2nd Printing.

Re-edited, re-printed, re-designed, re-bound, and comes with a free copy of “Boulevard” by Centre for Style at Gertrude Contemporary (softcover, 34 pages, 14 x 20 cm) from World Food Books!

Texts by:
Harry Burke, Helen Hughes, Lisa Radford, Olivia Barrett, Sally Gray, Tim Gentles

Artist pages by:
Anna-Sophie Berger, H.B. Peace, Dan Arps, Dena Yago, Elisa van Joolen, Lou Hubbard

The Prologue Edition doubles as the catalogue of Silly Canvas, with images from the exhibition curated by Centre for Style at Utopian Slumps in December 2014

Participants include:
A Constructed World, Amalia Ulman, Anna-Sophie Berger, Bless, Body by Body, D&K, ffiXXed, H.B. Peace , Ida Ekblad and Eirik Sæther, Lucina Lane, Marlie Mul, Mikala Dwyer, Susan Cianciolo, Trevor Shimizu

Designed and printed by Clare Wohlnick and Maff.

“Boulevard” by Centre for Style at Gertrude Contemporary features the work of Ander Rennick, Brooke Ally, Bum Creek, Chloe Maratta, Christopher LG Hill, Claire Lambe, D&K, Flannery Silva, Guy Benfield, H.B. Peace, Hamish Macdonald, Jenny Watson, Jessie Kiely, Joshua Petherick, K8 Hardy, Kate Meakin, Le Service Public, Laura Fanning, Lewis Fidock, Liam Osborne, Matthew Linde, Marie Karlberg, Michael Smith, Moses Gauntlett Cheng, Nicolas Ceccaldi, Odwalla 88, Quintessa Matranga, Rafael Delacruz, Rare Candy, Richard Malone, Sylvie Zijlmans & Hewald Jongenelis, Tobias Madison, Vejas, Zoe Latta.

Centre for Style Rag
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