Japanese catalogue published in 1982 on the work of French sculptor, César, on the occasion of a major exhibition at the Seibu Museum of Art that same year. Heavily illustrated throughout with his sculptural works in colour and black and white, including his early welded metal works, and incredible Compressions and Expansions, along with a list of all works, biography, bibliography. First edition.

César Baldaccini (1 January 1921 in Marseille – 6 December 1998 in Paris), usually called César was a noted French sculptor. César was at the forefront of the Nouveau Réalisme movement with his radical compressions (compacted automobiles, discarded metal, or rubbish), expansions (polyurethane foam sculptures), and fantastic representations of animals and insects in bronze. His sculptural vision has heavy influenced the work of many for generations since.

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César - Tokyo 1982
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