Cosima von Bonin

Cosima von Bonin, one of today’s most prominent conceptual artists, uses sculptures, installations, films, paintings, and social relationships in her work. A recurring motif is the textile and dimensional transformation of objects, which she removes from their everyday contexts, thus giving rise to completely new perceptual processes and references. This publication on Cosima von Bonin not only includes the new and already existing work series being shown at the Kunsthaus Bregenz but also compiles the most comprehensive index of Cosima von Bonin’s oeuvre possible to date, with images and data on each piece.
Along with an overview by Yilmaz Dziewior, John Welchman’s contribution puts Bonin’s work in an art historical context. Mark von Schlegell has written a fictional essay that freely associates with and makes reference to aspects of the artist’s work.
A carefully researched appendix rounds off this standard work on Cosima von Bonin.

Cosima von Bonin - The Fatigue Empire
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