David Gilhooly



Catalogue for David Gilhooly’s 1976 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art,Chicago.

Whimsical and irreverent, Gilhooly was internationally acclaimed for his imaginative ceramic works of animals, food and other subjects. He started his career in 1962 as an assistant to sculptor Robert Arneson, who ran the freewheeling TB-9 ceramics studio at UC Davis. Arneson and his students were iconoclasts who created works that poked fun at high culture and made them leaders in the Bay Area funk art movement.

Although he sculpted creatures ranging from anteaters to zebras, Gilhooly made his popular reputation with an amusing amphibian. He created green frogs — first as unusual handles for drinking cups and then as full-size residents of Frog World, a universe of figures with full histories and mythologies.

David Gilhooly
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