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1st edition of this scrace, wonderful, heavily-illustrated monographic catalogue on the work of American sculptor David Smith, published in Japan on the occasion of an exhibition at the Sezon Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan, in 1994.
This rare volume features texts in both Japanese and English, including David Smith’s “Questions to Art Students”, a foreward by Peter Stevens, and a full biography, bibliography and list of exhibitions, all in English.
The book is broken up into the sections: Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings, with each full of large reproductions in colour of Smith’s prolific and diverse work across these mediums throughout his career.

Among the greatest American sculptors of the twentieth century, David Smith was the first to work with welded metal. He wove a rich mythology around this rugged work, often talking of the formative experiences he had in his youth while working in a car body workshop. Yet this only disguised a brilliant mind that fruitfully combined a range of influences from European modernism including Cubism, Surrealism, and Constructivism. It also concealed the motivations of a somewhat private man whose art was marked by expressions of trauma. Smith was close to painters such as Robert Motherwell, and in many respects he translated the painterly concerns of the Abstract Expressionists into sculpture. But far from being a follower, his achievement in sculpture was distinctive and influential. He brought qualities of industrial manufacturing into the language of art and proved to be an important influence on Minimalism.

* Condition: Very Good (general light wear and tanning to obi-strip, but book and dust-jacket are as new/fine throughout) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

David Smith
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