Discipline No. 4


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Edited by Nicholas Croggon, David Homewood, & Helen Hughes; with a guest edited section by Ferdiansyah Thajib, KUNCI Cultural Studies Center; and designed by Robert Milne.


Cover : Gordon Bennett

Editorial by Nicholas Croggon, David Homewood & Helen Hughes

Elizabeth Newman: Abstraction, Simulation, Obscuration by Francis Plagne

Critical Ambiguity: A Kantian Reading of Recent Work by Juan Davila by Helen Johnson

Trans-Pacific: Abstract Painting in Australia, New Zealand and America 1930–1960 by Rex Butler & A.D.S. Donaldson

Object Documentation by David Homewood & Bronté Lambert

The Dispute at the 19th Biennale of Sydney by Michael Ascroft

Illusion in Wendy Paramor’s Triad by Amelia Sully

Ambient Perspective and Endless Art by Nikos Papastergiadis & Amelia Barikin

Figures of the Machine: Richard Tuohy’s Halftone Films by Giles Fielke

Non-Resolution IRL by Danni Zuvela

Interview with Hito Steyerl by Amelia Groom

The Three Bodies of Angus Cerini by Jon Roffe

Encountering a Collection: Fiona Connor’s Wallworks by Kate Warren

What it’s Like to Dance Naked in the Museum and Other Thoughts: Stuart Ringholt’s Kraft (2014) by Liang Luscombe & Patrice Sharkey

Contemporary Art and Contemporaneity: Reflections on Method, Review of Reviews (Part 2) by Terry Smith

The Eternal Return of Irony: Gordon Bennett (1955–2014) by Ian McLean

Clothes by Centre for Style

Back Cover : John Citizen

Guess edited section by Ferdiansyah Thajib, KUNCI Cultural Studies Center (loose booklet in Bahasa and English)

Holopis Kuntul Baris: Karya Seni di Era Kolaborasi yang Tampak Mekanis / Holopis Kuntul Baris: The Work of Art in the Age of Manifestly Mechanical Collab­oration

Pengantar/Introduction by Ferdiansyah Thajib

Kerangka Kolektivitas/Terms of Collectivity by Simon Soon

Wok the Rock & Co.: Memahami Persahabatan dalam Dunia Seni Yogyakarta/Wok the Rock & Co.: Making Sense of Friendship in Yogyakarta’s Art Scene by Nuraini Juliastuti

Punkasila, Kerjasama dan Persahabatan/Punkasila, Cooperation and Friendship by Syafiatudina

Hestu A. Nugroho (Setu Legi)
(artist pages)

Discipline No. 4
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