Dot Dot Dot 17

In this issue:
D/S present PARALLEL introductions
Richard Hollis on the EYE and the EAR
James Goggin itemizes ways of reading in London, 2008 with Maria Fusco, Will Holder, Richard Hollis, Maki Suzuki and Jörg Heiser
Will Holder speaks of the poetics of concrete poetry and documenting the work of Falke Pisano
Stefan Themerson & Language – a film by Erik van Zuylen introduced by Mike Sperlinger
Dan Fox plays an extended version of Refracted Light Through Armoury Show
Jennifer Higgie reads from Carnival Theory, a play-in-progress with Johnny Vivash
Agency presents Specimen 0880: Papa Hemingway
David Reinfurt explains NaÏve Set Theory with an overhead projector
Malcolm McLaren (in absentia) is interviewed by Mark & Stephen Beasley (in absentia)
Stuart Bailey – describes the Science, Fiction of E.C. Large with Will Holder and David Reinfurt
Alex Klein – Portrait of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, New York City, May 2008
Mitim (Eta) by Radim Peško
Walead Beshty – Beshty’s Possible Triangle, 2008
Dexter Sinister – Beshty’s Possible Triangle, 2008
Janice Kerbel – Remarkable, 2008
The Middle of Nowhere, Chapter 8 by Will Holder

Dot Dot Dot 17
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