E.C. Large

This is the novel first published in 1937 in London. We are publishing facsimile editions of this book and its sequel, Asleep in the afternoon. A third book, God’s amateur: the writing of E.C. Large is being published alongside the two novels, as a companion. – Hyphen Press.

Sugar in the air is a ‘scientific romance’ in which the idea of extracting sugar from the air is held, for the duration of the book, in suspended disbelief by the characters involved – especially those who need work in a period of economic recession. Along the way, we are shown the endeavour of manufacturing a new product: how it is developed and brought to the market. This could be a model for any design and production process, and this dimension of the book is one reason for reviving it. At the end of the novel, the central figure (unmistakably modelled on the author) is able to retire and to start writing a novel.

Sugar in the Air - E.C. Large
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