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Endless Lonely Planet is a yearly periodical of print and data from Melbourne, Australia.

ELP3 features: “a c90 tape from Porpoise Torture, an edition work and poem from Virginia Overell, a vine channel from Fictitious Sighs and Bunyip Trax, including at least 52 artists throughout the coming year, a selection of poetry from Internetemotions, a seasonal treat from Christopher L G Hill, a calender of contributors birthdays from Discipline, a poem by George Egerton-Warburton, an edition work by David Homewood, artist pages from James Deutsher, Kain Picken, Matthew Benjamin, and Dan Arps, an excerpt from a possible novella by Fayen d’Evie, two beautiful text works from Alex Vivian, a posy of poems from Adelle Mills, cover art as always by the illustrious Joshua Petherick”

Self published by Christopher LG Hill and contributors, each copy of Endless Lonely Planet issue III comes with all collateral bound together in a transparent plastic shopping bag.

Limited to 100 copies.

Contributors to this issue in full and counting: Adelle Mills, Alex Vivian, Christopher L G Hill, Dan Arps, David Homewood, Disciple, Fayen K X d’Evie. George Egerton-Warburton, Giles Fielke, Molly Dyson, Julian Schwarmer, Aurelia Guo, Jessica Yu, Trevelyan Clay, Anastsia Klose, Eva Birch, Clare Wöhlnick, Alice Jamerson, Jarved Costa, Tim Cøstẽr, Hamish M Macdonald, Holly Childs, Kate Meakin, Lipstick Larry, Simon Zoric, Brennen Oliver, Jessica van Hecke, Ruth O’Leary, Maffew Linde, Kain Picken, James Deutsher, Joshua Petherick, Matthew Benjamin, Porpoise Torture, Virginia Overell, Endless Lonely Planet III vine channel, Matthew P Hopkins, Kieran Hegarty, Air Max ’97, and more to come…..

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