Eric Owen Moss

Since his rise to international prominence over the past decade, award-winning Los Angeles architect Eric Owen Moss has continued to invent ways of conceiving space that defy conventional labels. Moss first gained renown for his work in a largely abandoned industrial zone of Culver City on the west side of Los Angeles. These early efforts were the impetus to his current large-scale remaking of the entire area, which has come to serve as a conceptual model for the return of architecture to postindustrial American cities.
Eric Owen Moss practices architecture with his eponymously named LA-based 25-person firm founded in 1973.

This stunning Rizzoli volume covers the first 16 years, profiling 26 of Eric Owen Moss’ projects from 1974 to 1990 including the Petal House and the Paramount Laundry Building.

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Eric Owen Moss: Buildings and Projects
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