Felix Gonzalez-Torres


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Published in 1993, this was the first monograph on Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Known for his installations and public artworks that invite the viewer’s direct participation, the artist died in 1996 at the young age of thirty-six having created one of the most innovative and impressive oeuvres in contemporary art all in the short span of ten years.

It includes essays by Susan Cahan and Jan Avgikos, copious photographic documentation of projects, and a lengthy transcribed interview with fellow activist artist Tim Rollins. In this interview Gonzales-Torres talks about his commitment to social change and his understanding of his role as an artist in effecting that change.

These are As New copies of the 1993 paperbound first edition with the original folded poster insert, from Art Resources Transfer (A.R.T. Press).

Felix Gonzalez-Torres
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