François Laruelle

If philosophy has always understood itself and its World according to the model of the photograph, then how can there be a “philosophy of photography” that is not viciously self-reflexive? By thinking the photograph “non-philosophically”, Laruelle discovers an essence of photography that precedes its historical, technological and aesthetic conditions. Challenging the customary assumptions made by any “theory of photography” that leaves its own “onto-photo-logical” conditions uninterrogated, and utilizing the concept of a “generalized fractality” to interrogate artistic creation, The Concept of Non-Photography exposes a rigorous new thinking of the photograph in its relation to philosophy, science and art.
Bilingual (English/French) edition.  Translation by Robin Mackay.

François Laruelle, Professor Emeritus at the University of Paris West Nanterre La Défence, is the founder of ‘non-philosophy’ and the author of around twenty works, including Une biographie de l’homme ordinaire, Principes de la non-philosophie, Le Christ futur: Une leçon d’hérésie, and Philosophie non-standard.

What is Seen in a Photo?
The Philosopher as Self-Portrait of the Photographer; Towards an Abstract or Non-Figurative Theory of Photography; The Photographic Stance and Vision-force; Universal Photographic Fiction

A Science of Photography
The Continent of Flat Thoughts; A Science of Photography; What Can a Photo Do?; The Identity-Photo; The Spontaneous Philosophy of Photography; The Photographic Mode of Existence; The Being-Photo of the Photo; Photographic Realism; Problems of Method: Art and Art Theory. Invention and Discovery; On the Photo as Visual Algorithm; On Photography as Generalised Fractality; On the Spontaneous Philosophy of Artists and its Theoretical Use; The Photographic Stance and its Technological Conditions of Insertion into the World; Being-in-photo and the Automaticity of Thought: the Essence of Photographic Manifestation; The Power-of-Semblance and the Effect of Resemblance; A Priori Photographic Intuition

A Philosophy of Creation
The Grain of the Walls; Ethic of the American Creator as Fractal Artist; The Fractal Self and its Signature: A New Alchemical Synthesis;The Concept of ‘Irregularity-force’; The Fractal Play of the World. Synthesis of Modern and Postmodern; Towards a Non-Philosophical Aesthetics

François Laruelle - The Concept of Non-Photography
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