GA (Global Architecture)

GA Neutra coverGA Neutra-spread

GA Neutra cover GA Neutra-spread

GA 8

Richard Neutra
Kaufmann “Desert House,” Palm Springs, California, 1946
Tremaine “House in Montecito,” Santa Barbara, California, 1948
Edited and Photographed by Yukio Futagawa
Text by Dion Neutra

One of the finest architecture series ever published, the world renowned GA (Global Architecture) series, presented by the highly esteemed publishing house that also published the GA Document, GA Houses, and GI (Global Interior) architectural publications.

Each over-sized photographic folio issue of GA highlights a renowned international architect and a selection of their architectural projects.

Absolutely stunning and vivid large-format (usually full-bleed) architectural photography of the selected building’s interiors, exteriors and architectural details, along with texts (in English and Japanese) and floor-plans/elevation drawings make up the profiles on each featured architectural project. The visual generosity of these handsomely designed and beautifully printed over-sized publications make them a treasure for any architecture or interior design enthusiast or collector.

Printed in Japan

* Condition: Very Good (excellent tight, clean copy, only very light wear) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

GA 8 Richard Neutra (1971)
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