H.R. Giger

With an introduction by Clive Baker and numerous texts by HR Giger as well as texts by Fritz Billeter and Simon Vinkenoog and a tribute from Salvador Dali.

“The “Necronomicon” is a legendary magical book that is kept in inaccessible places only in a few, incompletely preserved specimens because it could have disastrous consequences if it fell into the wrong hands. It was written down around 730 AD in Yemen by the legendary Abdul Al Azred. It is said to tell of things and events that took place in the gray age, and illustrations of uncanny creatures lurking in the depths of the earth and the seas, one day destroying mankind and striking the world.
Al Azred’s “Necronomicon” is a kind of museum of the most wonderful abominations and perversions. The well-known writer HP Lovecraft was the first to report in his “Cthulhu” mythology of this work. Many other science fiction and fantasy writers have quoted this fictional work time and again, but it has only become a visual reality in “HR Giger’s Necronomicon”!”

“Giger always opens up new approaches to the origins of our psyche,” writes Clive Baker in his foreword. “He is planning for us to go, encouraged by the knowledge that others have gone before this path, and only a few artists are able to give such impulses, and if we follow Giger, we are initially afraid of our mental health. And quickly recognize that the supposed new territory has countless stations that are connected with our familiar life. For, after all, we are no strangers: Giger points the direction into the world in which we must return, where we pledge our pledge, to pay the tithes which we owe. Giger’s world is the place of our own taboos, and only our own disregard makes him appear frightening, sullen, “alien” (alien). (…) Giger’s work calls us to the common ground of the unconscious, where, though we sometimes alienate ourselves from it, we are never really strangers. In other words, HR Giger’s fantastic art is calling us home.”

Beginning with a hommage from Salvador Dali, the first in this series of oversized and visually overwhelming volumes takes us through the early history of one of the most brilliant fantasy artists of the century. From his “Passegen” series, his work for theatre, posters, album artwork, environments, personal works, is designs for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s DUNE, and much more, all beautifully reproduced in full-colour and black and white, full-bleed spreads, including fold-out pages. These Giger folio books have become very desirable, collectable editions in their various printings around the world, the series encompassing the work of one of the world’s most unique and influential visionaries.

This is the first Swiss edition, published by Edition C.

* Condition: Very Good (light wear to page edges / spine) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

H.R. Giger's Necronomicon (1984)
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