Hans Richter

Hans Richter “Schilder, Filmer, Malt” (SM catalogue 262) was published on the occasion of the Hans Richter exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 10 March – 10 April 1961.

This catalogue of 97 works (including paintings, collage and stills from the artists’s experimental films) dating from 1909 to 1960, features an introduction (“Hans Richter: 40 Jaar roischiolderij”) by Franz Rohe; a statement by the artist himself, reproduced in German facsimile from Richter’s handwriting; appreciations by artist Marcel Duchamp, architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, artist Hans Arp and anarchist poet and literary critic Herbert Read; autobiographical chronology and additonal statement by the artist.

Designed by Willem Sandberg in red and black ink on alternating pages of thin cardboard paper, glossy paper and translucent stock.

Text in Dutch.

Hans Richter (April 6, 1888 – February 1, 1976) was a German painter, graphic artist, avant-gardist, film-experimenter and producer. A politically motivated artist, Richter contributed to the periodical Die Aktion in Berlin, was a member of the November group in Berlin and contributed to the Dutch periodical De Stijl. He was co-founder, in 1919, of the Association of Revolutionary Artists (“Artistes Radicaux”) in Zürich and was a member of the Dada movement.

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Hans Richter - Schilder, Filmer, Malt
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