Hashish Psychosis:

“It was a Saturday when I arrived at the embassy. I quickly explained to the guard that I was being ‘hunted down to be killed’… I was soon told to come back on Monday as the embassy was closed. On hearing this, and in fear that George would turn up any minute, I threw all my belongings over the gates including my passport, credit card and a large wad of 100 rupee notes.”

In 1994 after finishing university disillusioned and working dead end jobs, Stuart Ringholt found himself in India experiencing cheap drugs and the hippy lifestyle. Bingeing on hashish he soon became grossly thought disordered and descended into psychosis and psychiatric hospitals. In honest and simple terms, Stuart reflects on his illness and subsequent ten year recovery process involving drawing, performance art and learning to socialise drug free.

Hashish Psychosis - Stuart Ringholt
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