Hollywood Babylon


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Hollywood Babylon is a book by avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger, a former child movie actor, which details the sordid scandals of many famous and infamous Hollywood denizens from the 1900s to the 1950s. Originally published in Paris, Hollywood Babylon was first published in the US in 1965, it was banned ten days later and would not be republished until 1975. Upon its second release, The New York Times said of it, “If a book such as this can be said to have charm, it lies in the fact that here is a book without one single redeeming merit.”

The book details the stories of Hollywood stars from the silent era to stars of the 1960s including Charles Chaplin, Lupe Vélez, Rudolph Valentino, Olive Thomas, Thelma Todd, Frances Farmer, Juanita Hansen, Mae Murray, Alma Rubens, Barbara La Marr, and Marilyn Monroe. Hollywood Babylon also featured chapters on the Fatty Arbuckle–Virginia Rappe scandal, the murder of William Desmond Taylor, the Hollywood Blacklist, the murder of Sharon Tate, and the Confidential magazine lawsuits.

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Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger
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