Inhibodress 1970-1972


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Published by the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane in 1989 and edited by curator Sue Cramer.

This exhibition and catalogue considers the gallery Inhibodress which existed in Sydney 1970-1972. The focus is upon the significance of the gallery as an example of independent action by artists, which achieved major importance through its commitment to and promotion of a new kind of critical art. Inhibodress failed as a collective, but succeeded in exploring a range of avant—garde ideas and establishing in Sydney a new kind of conceptually-based practice which questioned the nature and purpose of art, the status of painting and the notion of the art-object. In the debates which surrounded Inhibodress, and in the work of its main exhibiting artists, the notion of the ‘idea’ or ‘concept’ superseded the notion of the art object, opening up the possibilities of art beyond Greenbergian formalism.  Inhibodress was born at the beginning of the seventies as a part of that moment in Australia (1968- 1972) when in the eyes of a number of young art practitioners, the implications of formalist art had reached their furthermost extreme: when minimalism was inverted to seed the beginnings of ‘post—minimalism’; when an interest in the internal aesthetics of the art object became an investigation into the place of art in the world. This new conceptual work explored art’s inextricable links with the world, with philosophy and politics, with society and its institutions. These changes corresponded of ‘course to those which had taken place in America and Europe and they had particular and fervent manifestation in Australia around this time…”
Sue Cramer

Essays and interviews with artists Tim Johnson, Peter Kennedy and Mike Parr, alongside documentation of Inhibodress exhibitions, performances, events, notifications and catalogues, this publication serves as an in-depth look at an important moment in Australian contemporary art history.

Designed by Sue Cramer and John Nixon.

inhibodress 1970-1972
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