Institute of Modern Art 1975-1989


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Institute of Modern Art 1975-1989 – A Documentary History, was edited by Bob Lingard, Sue Cramer in Brisbane in 1989, and takes an in-depth look at the history of a very important period of one of Australia’s oldest contemporary art spaces. Through essays by Bob Lingard and Peter Anderson, exhibition photography, a full list of exhibitions, catalogues and bulletins, this publication retrospectively showcases the directorship years of Robert Jadin de Fronenteau, John Buckley, John Nixon, Barbara Campbell, Peter Cripps and Sue Cramer, exhibiting John Olsen, Robert MacPherson, Ian Hamilton, Sidney Nolan, John Baldessari, Peter Cripps, Gunter Christmann, David Hockney, Diane Arbus, Jenny Watson, Chuck Close, Joseph Kosuth, Paul Sharits, Mike Parr, Arthur Boyd, Robert Jacks, John Davis, Mario Merz, Peter Tyndall, Hilary Boscott, Imants Tillers, John Nixon, Elizabeth Gower, Janet Burchill, Tony Clark, Dale Frank, Henri Chopin, Scott Redford, Tim Johnson, Robert Mapplethorpe, Vivienne Shark Lewitt, Fiona McDonald, Fiona Hall, Joanna Flynn, Jan Nelson, Joanna Ritson, Robert Hunter, Stephen Roach,Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Lehan Ramsey, Hiram To, John Dunkley-Smith, Stieg Persson, Merilyn Fairskye, Linda Marrinon, Bill Henson, Fritz Rahman, Melinda Harper, Geoff Lowe, Lindy Lee, Eugene Carchesio, Diena Georgetti, Maria Kozic, Lyndal Jones, amongst many others!

“This publication documents the history of the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane from its inception in 1975 until the present day (1989). In doing so, it provides a partial record, both visual and verbal, of the life of one particular institution and an insight into a fifteen year history of exhibition-making within contemporary art. There can be no doubt that “Contemporary Art Spaces” (previously institutions such as the IMA were known as “alternative spaces”) have a crucial and unique role in supporting and developing contemporary art and curatorial practices within Australia. As the photographs of exhibitions, and the essays in this publication show, the Institute has played a significant role over its fifteen years as a venue not only for the exhibition of art that is being made in Brisbane itself, but also that of artists working elsewhere in Australia and overseas. It is worth remembering too that the Institute is the second oldest of the Contemporary Art Spaces in Australia. With this in mind, the Institute’s archive, from which this publication has been drawn, becomes a valuable resource in the study of recent art. The photographs published here ofier a visual record of individual works by many contemporary artists, a number of which may not have been published elsewhere. It is hoped therefore, that this publication might fruitfully be regarded as a source book from which more detailed projects of research can be undertaken. It is impossible in one publication to cover all of the activities and personalities, ideas, debates and discussions that have made up the life of the gallery. Alongside the exhibition program, the Institute has generated forums, lectures, film screenings and publications as an important part of its activities…”

Institute of Modern Art 1975-1989
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