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First edition of the 1980 Studio Book from New York’s Viking Press, “Interior View: Design at Its Best”, printed and bound in Japan.
Profiles some of the finest examples of interior design by the amazing Gae Aulenti, Joe D’Urso and Ward Bennett, amongst many others.

“There are no simple formulas for interior design, nor are there any set rules for success. The art is not a simple one. But there are designers who have a special talent for taking a multitude of ideas and distilling them into a functional, beautiful environment. It is those inter- nationally famous designers and their personal view- points that you will encounter in this book. The author has interviewed each of them, and they and their photo- graphs are allowed to speak for themselves. The design- ers are frank about their work, their ideas, and their relationships with clients. In these pages you will meet “Sister” Parish and Albert Hadley; Betty Sherrill, Luis Rey, and John Drews of McMillen, Inc.; David Hicks, Georgina Fairholme, Angelo Donghia, David Mlinaric, Carla Venosta, David Easton and Michael La Rocca, John Dickinson, John Stefanidis, Gae Aulenti, Bob Bray and Michael Schaible, Tom Parr, Mario Buatta, Ward Bennett, Renzo Mongiardino, John Saladino, Eric Jacobson, Francois Catroux, Joe D’Urso, Mimi London and Dixie Marquis, and many others―forty in all. The designs illustrated represent a vast range of styles, from the traditional to the intensely modern, and, in some cases, the exotic and fantastic. Some are lavish; others emphasize simplicity. Whatever the approach, all are stimulating and imaginative. But most interesting of all are the backgrounds, personalities, and philosophies of the individual designers and what they have to say about how they go about bringing together sometimes contradictory components to produce a satisfying (and frequently superb) result.”

* Condition: Very Good (a clean, tight copy in original jacket, general minor wear) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

Interior Views
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