Iwata Nakayama

#7 in the Photographers of Japan series, dedicated to Iwata Nakayama (1895–1949).

Iwata Nakayama (1895–1949) was a pioneer of Japanese avant-garde photography. For a period he set up his own studio in New York before moving to Paris where he came to know Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy. He returned to Japan in 1927 and began to work as a professional photographer in Kobe. He founded Ashiya Camera Club in 1930 with Hanaya Kanbei and other photographers in the Kobe area. In 1932, he, Yasuzō Nojima and Nobuo Ina published their monthly magazine Kōga (光画). This magazine was a critical turning point of Japanese artistic photography. From 1930 to 1942 the members of the ACC were some of the most influential modernist photographers in Japan practicing radical design concepts they labeled “Shinko Shashin” or new photography movement.

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Iwata Nakayama (Photographers of Japan)
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