No.248, November 1979

One of Japan’s finest magazines for interior design and home furnishings, edited by Moriyama Kazuhiko.
JAPAN INTERIOR DESIGN presents a monthly comprehensive view of traditional, contemporary, and contemplated environmental designs and pure art forms both Japanese and foreign, through pictures and critical reviews. English captions and summaries of major articles are provided.

Very rare, this issue includes a huge feature on the Architectural Projects of Italian designer GAETANO PESCE, including “Project for the Pahlavi National Library Competition, 1977”; “House Studio for a Trade-Unionist, 1978”; “Hommage to Italy of the Years 1970, 1978”; “Project for a Skyscraper in Manhattan, 1978” plus essays by Martin Dodman, Ryoji Suzuki, Gaetano Pesce.

Also includes “Glass Surface” by Shoei Yoh essay: Takenobu Igarashi; Shop Interior Designed by Kanji Ueki; Coffee Shop “AZALEA” design: Super Potato; Restaurant Terrace “JOY FULL” design: office HS, Hidenori Seguchi; Series – Product Design of the Month Kitchenware “COOK-PAL” design: Michio Hanyu, Monopro; Ikebukuro Shopping Park—Street with Optical Design Clock design: Jun Kusakari, Hideo Mori essay: Shinya Izumi; New Wallpaper from Fujie Textile design: Hiroshi Awatsuji, Hideo Mori; Series-Reconsideration of Modern Japanese Design — 6 essay: Hiroaki Arima, Takahiko Kaneko, and much more.

* Condition: Very Good (clean and tight, only light general shelf wear and slight tanning) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

JAPAN INTERIOR DESIGN No.248, November 1979
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