Jean-Michel Wicker


However satisfying writing is – that mix of discipline and intuition, which leaves you in command, even when what appears on the page has emerged from regions beyond your control – it is a poor substitute for the joy and the agony of love. e industrial, Jean-Michel Wicker’s first solo exhibition in the UK, is a meditation on human-machine reconfigurations, inflation and desire.

Since the early 1990s, Wicker’s work has had an all-encompassing approach to production – spanning publishing, typography, performance and gardening. Extending a nod of appreciation to Italian Situationist Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio and his approach to mass-production and collapse, the exhibition at Cubitt pushes this legacy into Wicker’s own symbolic registers. A total work spanning a 70-metre scroll, a newly realised publication and smoke.

Jean-Michel Wicker - e industrial
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