Jean-Pierre Raynaud

Japanese Jean-Pierre Raynaud catalogue, published in 1981 on the occasion of his major exhibition at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.
Illustrated throughout with examples of his sculptural and spatial works, especially his flower pot and ceramic tile works, including a staging of “Raynaud’s Room” especially for the museum. Includes preface by Toshio Hara (Hara Museum director), essay by Pierre Restany, and artist biography. All texts in both English and Japanese.

For fifteen years now Jean-Pierre Raynaud has been pursuing a solitary, original and severe work which has made him one of the major protagonists of European art. Using the language of objects and the environment, his cement flower pots and his white ceramic tiles set in fine lines of black mortar have made him famous from Sao Paulo to Tel Aviv no less than in Paris, Dusseldorf, Milan, Amsterdam or Brussels.  The pots and tiles translate into forms of daily life the demanding quest for ultimate reality: a sense of life and a vision  of emptiness. For fifteen years now the existential world of Jean-Pierre Raynaud has cast its projected shadow and the sharp profile of its symbols on the mirror of my conscience. To such an extent that I sometimes sense the course of his  work as an integral part of my own mental landscape…” – Pierre Restany

Jean-Pierre Raynaud (b. 1939) is a French visual artist. After graduating from horticultural studies in 1958, he began producing works in the 1960s – his flower pot and white tile works quickly becoming the hallmark of the artist. In 1964, he exhibited at the Salon de la Sculpture in Paris. In 1965, he made his first solo exhibition at the Galerie Jean Larcade in Paris and in 1966 at Mathias Fels. He took part in the IX biennale of São Paulo in Brazil in 1967, in 1970 and 1973 at the Alexandre Iolas Gallery in New York. He is quickly called to exhibit to the four corners of the world. In 1975, he realized the stained – glass windows of the Abbey of Noirlac. In 1969, he began to build his own house at La Celle Saint-Cloud, which is his main work of art. The breath-taking house, with all surfaces lined with white tiles connected by black grids of mortar, represented twenty-four years of research on space. In 1993, he decided to destroy it and exhibited the pieces of the house in surgical containers at the CAPC museum of contemporary art of Bordeaux and at the Venice Biennale in the same year, winning the honorary prize for representing France with this moving work.

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Jean-Pierre Raynaud (1981)
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